Are there, like me, several women who choose stockings instead of pantyhose? If so, what is the reason for that? For me it has nothing to do with sex.

Here I will agree as a man on answers.

First the first part, “Are there like me more women who choose stockings?”
Yes of course, in my acquaintances I have several women who prefer stockings over tights.

The second part, the reason?
What stockings and tights have in common is that they must keep the legs warm, that they give an extra look to your legs and that you have them in different colors and motifs.
Pros and cons of tights
You don’t need any special underwear.They are warmer because the glulot is also covered.
They are generally clearly cheaper.
Due to the fact that they sometimes get quite high, it can be tricky at a sanitary stop.
They are made of lycra and that can already be a nice tension around the legs if the size is too tight. The cross can also hang too low.Because of the elasticity, the clearance is much greater to allow a smaller range of buddies.
It allows wearing shorter skirts.
If a ladder, the whole mess goes into the trash because the legs are inseparably connected.

Pros and cons of stockings
Stocking tape hears the Vestimentair at the underwear.This means that it should not be visible. The length of the skirts is therefore in function of the visibility of the band. Some have a band that can be seen just because it adds value to the worn outfit.
At Stay Ups you don’t need any special underwear, but depending on the brand and the quality, they already dare to sink.Suspender belts are not an option given the silicone band. By the way, you don’t like trousers with braces and a belt, right?
Garter belts are indispensable in stockings.And in contrast to what the fashion petals show, these are worn under the briefs.
If a stocking laddert, you can replace it with a leg of an identical pair.
Lycra stockings are pretty cheap but also tighten around the leg.The advantage of this is that there are no folds at the height of the joints, they close closely (idem for tights).
If you really go for 100% nylon (and these are considerably more expensive), you have those folds though.They really have to fit because there is barely any stretch on it, the stocking actually includes the leg and gives a sense of caress at every step. They are also perceived as more elegant and although there is no sexual connotations, they still exude a certain sensuality. Women who wear them feel sexier and more confident.
When you finally choose the Fully Fashioned Stockings (Real nylons with seam), you have to take the custom suspender straps as well.The frivolous gordeltjes from the average lingerie collections are not enough because they only have 4 suspenders. To keep the seam in place nicely, you must have at least 6 garter belts. Because of the nature of the fabric, you as a woman also go much more elegant steps.
And eventually nylon feels the softest.
A sanitary stop poses no problem in stockings, subject to the slip being worn above the Gordeltje.

In all of this, of course, the lower the denier (weight and fineness of the stocking/panty), the more beautiful it looks, but the more fragile it is.

Conclusion, the choice is difficult to make.But my experience is that women who choose stockings generally feel more feminine.

Hoping that these men’s explanations can help you.

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