Are there any realistic scenarios in which the Internet as we know it today is completely eradicated?

Hanno Behrens has written almost everything.The Internet is very easy (disturbing) and also switchable, governments can do this very easily, either on instruction, or by a few (induction) bombs on central servers, memory or data cables.

The greater danger, however, lies in the complete commercialisation and seizure by political interest groups, etc.

In the USA, this is exactly what is being systematized (see Data Priority for Payment or Other Benefits).In China, etc. the Internet is completely politically controlled, whereas individual individuals have little chance of spreading dissent in the long term without repression or with impunity.

Even lifestyles are not easily divisible or spread in some countries.

Censorship is now a reality for us too, which everyone with dissenting opinions from the mainstream quickly feels.

And the worst thing is: the opinion police are already largely in the minds of most people today, due to long-lasting tendentious opinion-inoctrination, which I do not want to describe in more detail now, but this becomes noticeable very quickly in case of deviations.

The big problem today, and in general, is that information about public, and especially state, media is EQUAL, which is a reality in all Western countries today, but people do not notice enough or not at all.

The few press agencies that still exist and which are running almost all of the news, all of which are still under the control of financial bourgeois tendencies, are not in a position to provide neutral reporting, and the state media anyway.

The longer a population is presented with unalterable news content, the more a population also believes that there are no other ways to deal with the present.

The almost exclusively bourgeois mainstream press offers virtually no alternative representations to news content, but vaccinates almost every report with an ultimately (financial) bourgeois background, which is why the recipients of these messages also less and less can recognize that the message presentation and its selection represent only a very limited content, which ultimately !!!intentional!!! also shows no alternatives.

Although more and more people are looking at alternative news and opinion backgrounds on the Internet, the majority of citizens have no time or are not interested in it at all, which is why even the Internet is ultimately under the majority control of financial bourgeois circles.

Precisely in this, in an ever-larger, barely noticeable, restriction of the Internet to interest-driven content lies the real greater danger, which, incidentally, goes largely unnoticed.

At the same time, the research is being carried out more and more systematically (see Gockel, etc.), which is why everyone should really think about what is being done with the collected data, and why it really makes sooo much money.

Elections are now increasingly being won by research on the Internet, which is why today’s elections are usually no longer free elections.And the election manipulations become more and more successful through the prior research and subsequent targeted placement of reports, without the citizen noticing any of them.

The Internet is already heavily channeled by interest groups, which is not called censorship.

In the end, this is almost even worse than if it were destroyed, with destruction quickly overcome, since without data traffic no one would be able to cope.

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