Are there any opportunities to travel to the United States without a visa?

For the US, there is no formal need for a visa for the Dutch, as in the normal sense of the word.Each from the Netherlands is free to travel to the USA.

What you have to apply for is an ESTA.This is separate from other visas and must be requested by anyone who wants to travel to the US and does not run through the embassy, as is customary with visas. Because there is no formal visa required for the Dutch, you fall under the instant approval (provided there is nothing wrong with your answers).

The ESTA also does not ask you per stay on your passport.He is valid for 2 years or expires if your passport expires in those 2 years. Within that period you can use the same ESTA for all trips you make to the US during that period. It is not necessary to bring him along during your travels but it is advisable to carry a copy with you.

The ESTA you ask online and you pay with a credit card (14 dollars via their own website).It is not more than a questionnaire with a number of laughable questions and after completing you will receive a confirmation in the mail with a copy of the request.

Until a few years ago, you filled the form on the plane on the way to the US (was just handed out by the cabin crew) but that can’t be more.
Do this a few weeks in advance and you will come across the US without any problems.

Most EU countries-including Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg-are exempt from a visa to travel to the USA:

Visa Waiver Program-Wikipedia

However, you must register at the ESTA website of the Department of Homeland Security at the latest 72 hours before departure.

In principle, the United States has a visa requirement for anyone who does not have an American nationality.

However, they also have a visa waiver program that allows you, as it were, to get a waiver of the visa requirement.This program is called ESTA which Stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization.So it is an electronic authorization that you need to request online and that you only get confirmation online. However, you must meet a number of conditions to qualify. The most important are:

  • Your passport must be sufficiently new, with Chip.

If you have applied for a Dutch passport in the last ten years, you probably have this.

  • You go up to 90 days to the US.
  • You don’t go there to live or work.

Business trips such as a relationship visit from your Dutch employer are of course allowed, but you may eg. Not be paid by an American company or acquire credits from an American university.

  • You may not have a criminal journal (it is really about criminal prosecution, traffic fines, etc. are normally not a barrier).
  • You may not have previously been denied a visa or access to the U.S., or have been deported.
  • You may not have been in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen after March 2011 or have a dual nationality of one of those countries.
  • But for sure, always check yourself if you meet: ESTA Requirements.

    Applications is super easy: you go to ESTA Visa Waiver Application, complete your entire life walk in pay $14 via Credit Card or Paypal and within a few hours you can normally see that everything is okay. For the certainty, Print out the confirmation, but because of the E in ESTA , that is not necessary in principle.

    The questions, as Steffan Greven points out in his reply, are sometimes laughable, but take them better but seriously!芒 鈧?艗you Have terrorist motieven芒 鈧?seems to be an open door, but I strongly advise you to finish 芒 鈧?”hopefully for the sake of it 芒 鈧? to enter sarcastic Yes .No country here sees the humour of in and the US in particular not!

    Officially, the application must be 72 hours before departure, in the vast majority of cases you have been approved in a few minutes.Please keep in mind that if you think you may not qualify, you will still need to apply for a visa, which may take a few weeks.ESTA is valid for two years so just ask him well in time.

    If you have applied for an ESTA and would like to travel here again, please check

    • Whether the ESTA is still valid.
    • Whether your passport is still valid.
    • Or the ESTA linked to the same passport as you are travelling with.

    Especially this last point can cause problems: new Passport = new ESTA applications!

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