Are there any disadvantages to being rich?

At first I got rid of my realism, and all the fun I ever had in buying things.I could walk into any shop and buy the most expensive. And then feel nothing.

The realization that the fun of buying stuff often consists of saving, figuring it out and waiting for it then insists after a while.

No more work was also far from fun.I couldn’t resist, after a month or six I had to do something new, even though that was never as profitable as what I did for it.

Another disadvantage is that people think that your assets are from a bottomless pit, even if you have invested your assets in bricks, shares and your new business.Chores men suddenly ask 3x the normal rate. You all get phone calls and letters from people with all sorts of ideas about what you should do with your money.

Some friends are crocheting or getting embarrassed by asking for money.Other people are suddenly your best friend.

My parents belong to the 1% richest in Belgium with their net assets.I myself am not going to give an opinion for them, although I have been brought up by them in the necessary luxury.

Children of such families often do not know the value of the money.They live in the necessary luxury but can often not grasp and appreciate the reality of it. This will change in part if they have to work for their money, speak from their own experience. Being born in such family is at the same time a curse and a blessing.

Being rich is better than poor.Money doesn’t get any luck with it, but it usually keeps an accident, if you know how to handle it.

This is a good question.At first I said aloud “No, no disadvantages to be rich.” I don’t know if I’m “rich”, but I feel rich. We never have to decide if we buy food, medicine, etc/because we need something else.

To be born to be in wealth can however give problems for the children.If the parents do not let their kindern learn the value of money, those children will be very difficult to get.

Personally, I have come to the conlcusion that money makes your life easier.That’s all. If you never have to worry about paying for something, that takes a big burden off you.

You often hear the remark that “poor people are stupid.” Those lazy explaining that have the problem running around.Being poor can make you stupid because you don’t have enough bandwith to think everything well. There are a number of studies that confirm this. In India, they gave IQ tests to farmers just before the oggst (when they were the poorest) and just after the harvest (when they were the richest.) Their IQ went down with 14 points when they were poor because they were thinking in cash what they needed and could do. If you are rich then you don’t have that problem.

It’s different.

Maslow’s Pyramid indicates the needs-you guessed the pyramid shape.

Pyramid of Maslow-Wikipedia

It’s like freelancing.

Cheap is always poor quality.

Duration does not guarantee that you will get the best quality.

Not enough money and poverty is absolutely detrimental and certainly makes them unhappy.

Have enough money, gives a chance on anything but guarantees nothing.

Makes money happy?

Let me give a figurine out of direct circle.

Son of wealthy parents.

Handsome boy.

Should never work.

Runs garage inside with Vaidya with money and rides outside with thick bucket.

Now no longer possible but soit.

Young man is careless on the road.

Great accident.

Not dead but life is over.

No one is insensitive.

No one has received the Guide to success in life at birth.

Too little money is a huge motivator to look for knowledge and wisdom.

Money a volonte is not a motivator to further develop as a human being.

The temptation to live superficially is great.

That is my observation already.

Being rich are meant to be happy with what you have,

Have peace and quiet from your own core.

But you can still be so rich in financial,

And have a sense of emptiness inside.

Wealth is also your own poverty.

An underestimated but very big disadvantage of being rich is that if you are only rich in money and stones, your daily spend is kicked by the war and your life goal is lacking.

You have to remember that other ‘ old ‘ friends and acquaintances usually do ‘ need to work ‘ and that someone who is rich is usually unable to build up the power by winning the lottery.So a lot of people fall off a large portion of the time or they disappear. Former employees, friends, etc.

It takes an awful lot of effort to get-long-lasting, systematic-fulfillment in your life.In The first half year it succeeds, then you find out that 80% of your conversations were about the money, and managing the money.

That’s F-ing boring, you’re only appreciated about the tons you can get them to manage.At some point you’ll find out that those admins were more for their money than yours, but good; You had something to believe in.

And as an example, if you retire you can still play billiards with your measurements, but to play as 20-30-40-3x a week in your diamond pants, or to go to the Rotary, the Mason’s or the Lion’s club, that’s not for everyone.That is what the kind of association life is meant for.

So the real disadvantage of being rich: finding a new goal in your life that captivates you, engages and brighten up for the long term.Hopefully you will have enough inventiveness, otherwise sour and consign you.

It’s lonely at the top;)

My great-grandmother said earlier: If you are jealous of wealthy people, you have never seen them divide a legacy.

The downside to being rich is that you can re-arm and the richer the bigger the pressure becomes because it is becoming harder and more difficult to become more and easier to impoveribe.

An important criterion of wealth for me is therefore also the proportion of the cost of living in total revenues, the smaller the richer because the less your personal expenses are influenced by financial setbacks.So it is possible to generate a lot of income and still be very poor when the personal expenses are not sustainably covered by the income. This is especially possible when your social-cultural identity is determined by a non-sustainable spending pattern: actually we should go smaller and postpone the purchase of a new Porsche but what are we going to hear the people gossip about Us… When you are trapped in such a trap, you are not actually rich but poor.

So really rich people are actually people who do not know how to increase their personal spending pattern yet to marginalise the marginal proportion of this spending pattern in their total growing revenues.

Ever from good source heard the story of a wealthy person whose daughter has been kidnapped for ransom.Constantly guarding your own safety and those of your neighbors is a major drawback.

On a report about empires in the UK, people even talked about a team that constantly monitors the internet about the searches of the wealthy people and their families.If someone too fanatical that family starts to googgle the alarm bells go off. Once man there would be paranoia.

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