Are there any concrete indications of a life after death?

Question from: F.Gabel

Are there any concrete indications of a life after death?

I do not know whether I am entitled to answer that question.

So there are a whole series of stories in which people claim to have died and been born again.And they used to be Prince Jutta of Trallala and could be perfectly Egyptian, which they supposedly can do under hypnosis.

Of course I know such stories, but I can’t believe them.Because in storytelling, people are generally great. The most well-known story is probably the Bible and the more one is scientifically verified, the less remains. So great story, back or forth, what else do we have?

Let’s do the definition of “life.”

What is life.Life is defined as a self-organization process capable of reproduction.


This does not help us, because we want to know if there is life after death.

Now we come to philosophizing.What is to come is not scientific proof.

Death as the opposite of life must, in my understanding, presuppose a form of energy.Just now a body has lived, now it has died, death.

What is the difference between me and my corpse?

I believe (as I said, I can’t prove it) that life is a form of energy that we just haven’t found yet.

We know the 4 basic forces in the universe.

1) the strong interaction (nuclear force)

2) the weak interaction (provides for the core decay)

3) the electrodynamic interaction (this is the thing with the current)

4) and gravity.The attraction of the masses.

In my opinion, there is another force, let’s call it “life”.

There is also a force in the universe that structures things and no one understands why……

Left is a brain cell, the universe.I am certainly not alone in saying that there is a certain similarity.

And this similarity can exist in my view only because the laws that work there are the same.

In addition to gravity, which already describes everything excellently, we are dealing with a force that strives for a precisely specified structure.

After all, the expansion of the universe is also being slowed down by material.In this way, the voids are created, the so-called voids.

This form of energy, the energy form of life i am talking about, is, of course, immortal and lives beyond the death of a host.But it is not related to people or capable of memory.

By the way, this form of energy would not touch Einstein’s theory of relativity, which would fit in perfectly.And since mass and energy are the same after Einstein, it would also explain why dying people become easier at the moment of death.

Basically like a toaster.When connected and turned on, it toasts. If it goes out or is disconnected from the power grid, it is dead. While the toaster is now also subject to the decay of the elements (just like a corpse), the electrons (the energy form life in the figurative sense), which have just provided heat in the heating coils, are no longer interested in toast at all. They don’t even know what toast is. And they don’t want to know.

A will presupposes an awareness of one’s own existence and a goal, that is not given to an electron.It’s just there when it’s there.

So also with life after death.The energy form is as infinitely existent as gravity or the electrodynamic interaction, but also the electrodynamic interaction does not matter whether it blows jets out of a pulsar or drives a drum mechanism in a small toy monkey.

Is there now a life after death?If one assumes that the life energy in the universe is constant and sometimes acts here and there, then it is used again and again and so one can say: Yes, there is a life after death, there will only be none that one can remember concretely.

Or to put it another way.Death is a matter that concerns only the body and the associated decay, but not the energy form of life, which, like all basic forces, is eternal.

Here I finish…..

So, I’ll close the door, now we’re among ourselves….

It would be conceivable, if improbable, if the universe were to learn with the life energy.

Let’s say we’ve lived a very amazing life, and the life energy says at the time of death: “Oh, how remarkable, I suppose, let’s see what else I can do with it.”

And the whole memory would go over and be stored in a huge giant brain of the universe.In the end, we remember that the structure of the universe and the brain are very similar, our universe is a brain of a living being, which is also in the process of recognizing a much much much much larger world.

If that is the case, then the repatriations and sudden language skills and much more could be explained.

It would also explain the Big Bang, the birth of this being of hypergalactic greatness, expansion, because it grows just like us and it ends, because we know that our universe will be about 10 high to 100 years old.Then the last stars will pass away in eternal darkness.

And if this is true that our universe is the brain of a life form that is so incomprehensibly much larger than we can imagine, birth (big bang) and death (passing in infinity) is also possible.That’s how a shoe would get out of it.

Problem?The young est with their parallel universes, we would have put the theory in front of the door. Again, not, because there will be several of these hypergalactic beings, with which the theory of parallel universes would be compatible again.

But since outside the universe no one is known anyway, there can be this and that… And I think my possibility makes more sense….

But with such thought processes you must of course not dare to go to the door… They laugh you off when you tell such a shit…

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