Are there animals that have played a major role in war?

Let me tell you the special story of Wojtek the bear.

First I will take you to the Second World War.In 1942, the Soviet Union released the Polish prisoners of war in the Siberian camps so that they finally joined a Polish Liberation Army. Given the nice character of Stalin, the Polish armed forces were forced to cross Russia to end up in Perzie. Once in Perzie, the Polish division has come along a shepherd’s dogs carrying a berenpup. The Poles decided to adopt the puppy and called him Wojtek. Wojtek originally didn’t want to eat, but when they offered him an almost empty vodkafles with milk he still interested.

Wojtek is a real mascot of the Polish Armed forces and has traveled through Iraq, Syria, Egypt and finally Italy.

Wojtek grew up in this journey and the Poles took good care of him. He was now a real comrade. The Poles wanted to take him with the crossing to Italy, but the British did not allow animals on their ships. The Poles then decided to name Wojtek as corporal with wages and everything. When the Polish powers were grouped in Italy, at one point, a ‘ Corporal Wojtek ‘ was called out, on which the Poles laughingly replied ‘ Sorry he can only Polish ‘. At the front in Italy Wojtek always kept behind safely in the camps, but at the front at Monte Carlo there was change. Wojtek was fixed to a vehicle and left at the camp. Luckily, Wojtek was very ingenious and he managed to make himself. Then Wojtek was so faithful to help with dragging artillery ammunitions for the troops on the front. Wojtek was also awarded the title “Bearer of Artillery”. The Polish division responsible for Wojtek then changed his division insignia to a bear carrying an artillery bullet.

Wojtek Fortunately survived the war and moved to England at the end of the war.Since Wojtek was a bit of everyone, it was nirt very clear what is happening to him noest. Eventually, the Edinburgh Zoo offered to take him up and this is also happening. Wojtek has been here for his years until 1963. He has been visited several times by many of his comrades who have been talking to him for a long time in Polish. Unfortunately he never said Wst back, but he would always have understood everything. Nowadays there is a picture of Wojtek in Krakow and in Edinburgh they want to have a picture of a British soldier as a reminder of the British-Polish cooperation in the Second World War.

Certainly: the elephants of Hannibal.The cry: My kingdom for a horse of Shakespeares Richard III you will have heard.

Yeah though.Horses.

Dolphins (sea mines), dogs (surveillance and explosives) and pigeons (messages), rats (explosives).

Yes pigeons.

Yes: dogs, cats, pigeons, monkeys and horses.

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