Are there also humorous stories in the Bible or have I missed them (or forgotten them)? If not, why not?

A bit of all the stories in the Bible belong to the humorous genre, according to Prof.Marius van Leeuwen, remonstrants professor of theology. This literary form is also called the U-shape. The story begins with a protagonist who has a good life, then comes a period of difficulty and decay and from that point of view there is hope again, and the way up. Daniel in the lion pit; The banishment to Egypt: the trek under Moses through the desert and the promised Land at the end.

Actually, the whole Bible itself is also such a story.We begin in paradise, in six days created for us by a God-father, then we disobey, lapse in wars, oppression, banishment, and at the end there is the remission of sin by God-the-son and the promise of eternal life.

But should we laugh at it now?Most people do not, while Jonas in the Wallevis is of course a comic story, look at the images. And I must always laugh terribly for the Dragons, snakes, angels and Magic in Revelation (Apocalypse), the last book of the Bible. But yes, others are taking offense to this, so I quietly do it or I read it out with a stroke. I understand that it can all be interpreted allegorically, but as a 21st-century with autistic features, it has not been devoted to me. We do not read (virtually) even 17th and 18th century writers anymore, because that work is now dated.

There are people who think that the Bible is one big joke.

There are many humorous stories in the Bible.It’s just how you read them. Believers read these stories very seriously, because with the Bible you cannot spot. Unbelievers usually want nothing to do with that nonsense, those lies and hypocrite junk.

Just start with the beginning.In itself, it is already a joke that there are two different creation stories in the Bible immediately. But this is really sophisticated humor.

Then the tree in paradise.Immediately eve and Adam eat it, while it is not allowed to. Yes, your children are forbidden to eat their plates empty.

And then God is so evil on man because they have become equal to him, that he makes them mortal.Also very sophisticated humor.

So it goes on.

Jesus on the cross.芒 鈧?艗my father, why did you leave me? 芒 鈧? is also really laughing. And then immediately after the bystanders who say ‘ hear he calls to Elijah. ‘ We will see if Elijah will fetch him from the cross. 芒 鈧劉 joke on joke.

Therefore, the Bible is really so good.If you want tragedy, drama, then it must also be laughing. Most of the stories in the Bible can still be read well now. The whole history of David for example.

Most humorous, I find the passage in acts where the disciples begin to speak Giblastic, and the bystanders are clammy for being drunk.On which Peter replies: We are not drunk, because it is only 9 o’clock in the morning.

In other words, We are quite drunk, but now it is too early for that.

Humor is relative.What the one finds funny, can’t please the other.

Moreover, the insertion of the Bible is not to entertain, but to accompany and/or learn from it.

As far as humor has been used, it depended on the period in which the story was played.To be able to find it funny, you should have been there.

Perhaps by translating the humor is filtered out.It is quite possible that the church that ordered a translation has commissioned data to make a stately tale of it and no thighs feel more chatty.

Or something humorous is found is a matter of taste.Probably there are people who find the pests of Egypt a more intense thighs. For others it is pure horror.

I doubt it.Bibles were previously mainly copied manually. I think that is why only the useful passages have remained.

In addition, the States Bible still has a lot of stories that are considered entirely proven or useful (Aprocrieve books) and are omitted in the newer translations.(such as Bible book Tobit)

The story about the bath in BETHESDA.From time to time an angel of the Lord sank down into the bath, then the water moved and who then came into it first after the movement of the water became healthy, which disease he also had. So the bath was surrounded by lame, crippled, blind and name but any disabled, and you can imagine what happened when the water was moving and everyone wanted it first. Do you see it before you? A sketch a Monty Python worthy. God, a well-known sadist, must have enjoyed it very much.

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