Are the Dutch to speak English?

Usually not.But there is one situation where I speak English very well. I work in production, and work a lot with migrant workers, especially Poland.

Incidentally, I have nothing against Poland.I am proud of my Polish grandfather who fought in 1944 for d6r Liberation of Breda.

But it is exhausting to work in a company where I am one of the weingen who speaks really good English.The use of Poles is indeed very useful for employers, but I do not get a penny extra to be sent around the hall as an interpreter/translator in addition to my own work.

Again, I have nothing against migrant workers, but the permanent staff in the workplace will be given additional tasks, and that will never be taken into account at the office.

No, most have no problem with it.The Germans before, too, there is much to be said about the English language while they still keep everything in German and thus have less right to speak. I am not afraid that the Dutch language will be lost. That is more a kind of conspiracytheorie (;)) than really a threat. Sometimes you don’t know a word in Dutch if you speak 3 languages in a day, BoE how. Can I not return to the Netherlands or so? Sometimes the English phrase is just better than the literal Dutch translation.

“The Dutch are not Beu, but a growing group of Dutch people and Flemings is worried about the English.For instance, in the universities the language vane is broken English instead of good Dutch. This would be good to attract foreign students, making the universities even more crowded and student housing even more scarce and even more expensive while the quality of education gets worse.


To my experience, many Dutch people are proud of the fact that we speak English relatively well, and tourists love it.

There are some Dutch people who are strongly opposed to mixing the languages, but to my experience this is unfounded-copied from a frustrated English teacher for example.

But above all it is irrational.Communication is fundamental to our social and intellectual interactions. If you speak good English, the world is open to you, and with some curiosity this leads to an international world vision-very important for your development!

If you only master the Dutch, then your world is a lot smaller; Especially since the advent of the Internet.For example, compare a Dutch Wikipedia page with the English page on the same topic; This trend also plays on other platforms.

Personally I prefer to speak in English given the language in my opinion is more elegant (practical) and expressive, although I have learned Dutch at a younger age.I am not so English!

It’s terrible how businessmen pollute our language Mer American/English words and phrases

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