Are the Dutch in general proud of their country? What reveals their pride?

Pride, heck that will be best.Dutch people really think they live in the most enjoyable country in the world. I think that it is mainly a fine country for the Dutch, but the questions that the Questionster can judge themselves better.

I do believe that the Dutch have a great self-confidence.They have the feeling of being able to be exceptional things. Not so much from nationalism, but simply because they have a well-educated workforce and have learned that they can be at the top in many areas. So it is not a country with an inferiority complex. The Dutch are also not so quickly impressed by large countries.

Yes, we are very proud but most prefer to bite the tip of their tongue than to admit it individually because there is a taboo here on everything that sweers to bragging.

I caught myself on a meesmuging grin when I heard a zuiderbuur say ‘ we are somewhat left behind in our little Belgium ‘

Never, but never again, you will hear a Dutchman say something similar to a foreigner.We find ourselves the inventors of democracy, state-style and human civilization. Only the word already is unique. Englishmen and Frenchmen use the word civilisation, which sounds distant to us, Germans say Kultur, a in Dutch ears some sturdier word (of putting in culture). Only we know the word civilization, our own, unique word for it, because it is derived from the planing of ships.

As a Dutchman you can get stories of distant travels and how wonderful it is all there and one will lend you an interesting ear.But then you are expected to quickly ‘ just ‘ go back and you add in the typical Dutch everyday life. Because that is why you live here, and here it is good, and pleasant, and cozy.

Always when I pass the border of our kingdom after a holiday abroad, I still secretly get a warm feeling in my belly.

Then I sit upright and I think: “Ah, the Netherlands.

Back home. “

I am absolutely not a fan of our growing consumer society and our eternal urge for innovation, but I admire our behaviour, the way we deal with fellow human beings, our language and culture, our infrastructure and architecture.And here I don’t aim at all the horror stories that our media always find out.

I am glad I own a Dutch passport, proud to speak the language, and eternally grateful that I may call myself ‘ Dutch ‘.

I am absolutely not a nationalist if you are under nationalism that you see your own country and culture as superior.I guess I didn’t make much difference from most Dutchmen.

But I did learn to be proud of our way of having everything settled.This pride was created by many years on Quora to read how people are going in other countries, especially in the USA. The country which seems to be totally successful and where the real riches and successes are born, appears to be a country of ‘ winners and losers ‘. The ‘ winners ‘ have it right. Doing business is easy, homes are extremely large, the bonus gets better every year.

However, the ‘ losers ‘ are by far the majority and they are made incredibly difficult.The worst example I find is the lack of ‘ universal healthcare ‘. If you have a low income, then you can use Medicaid and you are old then there is Medicare. This offers a reasonable program. If you earn just a little more, you have to conclude the expensive ‘ private insurance ‘ or hope that you will never get sick because you can get totally ruined because of the often much higher costs than with us. The English-language version of Quora is full of harrowing stories from people who have to choose between poor health and poverty.

Another, for us Dutchmen, bizarre arrangement is that American companies as the only one in the world do not have a compulsory number of free days.If you have a good company, you can spend 2 weeks a year on holiday. However, you may also be unlucky. If you are sick, then you are completely the pineut. Some companies may use ‘ paid sick leave ‘. At other companies, it’s all your problem when you’re sick. So it is often very normal to start working with a fever.

We Dutch people find it the most normal thing in the world that everyone is entitled to very good health care.We even complain about the height of the excess, while an American will laugh at it. Which pays easily 700 dollars a month and have to deal with a few thousand dollars own risk. If he is lucky, his employer pays the insurance costs, so he will be inclined to work there as long as possible, even if he finds it awful and actually burned out but has no ‘ paid sick leave ‘.

When I read this kind of business, I am proud of the Netherlands.So many things that we see for granted are in real things to cherish.

We proud Dutch are recognizable as those annoying ‘ commenters ‘ on the English-speaking Quora in answers about the American social Security.We run into those comments for sale with our good arrangements and have pity the Americans. I’m also such an annoying, proud someone. Sorry.

I think that Dutch people have a reasonably realistic view of their country.

This is probably because Dutch people travel a lot and do a lot of business with foreigners. So they have realistic comparison material.

The Dutch often annoy themselves about all the elenden of the Netherlands and also appreciate how happy they should be to live in the Netherlands.And in both respects they are usually right.

Dutch people enthusiastically support their team but they are not so chauvinistic.There is a song in Denmark that goes: “There are other people than the Danes. They live in Hollen and fight all day. We never did that “. They would not sing in the Netherlands.

Yes, the Dutch are proud of their country.How you can see that? Look for orange elements in their outfit.

The Dutch will deliver on their own country.But if others do, it won’t be accepted. The Netherlands is the best country in the world. We see as a statistical lie that people are still more relaxed with threats in Sweden or Norway.

Also we are the best circusofspeed in the whole world.The fact that we are losing footballs over and over is not to us, but to circumstances.

The orange Gekte.Also the preference for orange that strikes at all sorts of times. Then you notice that the Dutch have a kind of secret connection that allows them to put the heels in the sand when it comes to their country.

If you compare us with the Turks and the USA residents and their ridiculous patriotism.Then No. Not that way.

In addition, I do not see the usefulness of being proud of the accomplishments of others.Should only be proud of your own. And maybe family and friends if you are close with them.

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