Are Russians descendants of Vikings? I always thought it was Slavs.

Q: Are Russians descendants of Vikings?I always thought it was Slavs.

There were certainly some descendants of Vikings in Rus, and that was Rus and today’s Russia not uninhabited.

Normally, the descendants lost their identity as Vikings almost immediately.Even the descendants of Rjurik get Slavic names in the third generation.Igor/Ingvar – the son of Rurik – still had a Scandinavian name, his son Sviatoslav/Sveinald – the grandson of Rurik – already had both Scandinavian and Slavic names.Some descendants of Sviatoslav mostly had only Slavic names, such as Jaropolk.

Another reason for this is the development of haplogroups for the Y chromosome (Y-DNA), the genetically related groups of people within the population[1 .

The typical “Slavic” haplogroup is R1a.What is also only if one can be called Slavic, since the Southern Slavs (Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria) have on average different genes. The Swedes, however, have haplogroup I1.

Auch visually you can find differences in faces.

As can be seen in the last photo, already in Russia there are different types of faces.

It is simply hardly possible that they can now be considered descendants of Vikings.



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