Are psychologists good at manipulating people?

If they put it on it, then so be it.However, these are themselves mentally disturbed and have nothing to look for in the profession. As a psychologist and therapist, you have power over the patient and can manipulate him to figure out things that can be used against him or encourage him to do things that are bad for him.

However, this is true for every profession, but the psychologist has learned better how to do it.But if the victim’s environment is careful, then at some point you get behind them that they’ve sat up with a charlatan and cancel the sessions. However, the victim must also notice this himself, but if the psychologist has already made his victim dependent, then it becomes difficult. But it is also difficult to prove such a thing in Germany.

There was an interesting case a few years ago.A man went to the competent authority and claimed that he has several doctorate and professorial titles and wants to open a doctor’s office in the village. The office gave him a property, the money and the staff to open the practice. They didn’t even ask if they could see the awards, they just bought it from him. Then he had a sign made for his practice, an overly long, golden sign, which was all there was on it. Doctorate and professor’s title still and no. He was still quite young, he should have won three titles in six months, but nobody noticed that. Then he set off. He did experiments with his medical assistants and patients. Injected them with any chemicals and drugs that he didn’t know what it was or what they did, but he just wanted to find out what they were triggering. As a part of these experiments, some people became seriously ill, received permanent damage, or even died. 10 people died as a result of his treatment, but the office ignored the complaints and complaints. They said, “These are just artificial mistakes. Even a doctor makes mistakes.” 10 dead in a year, but then supposedly such a genius, you have to do that. For a long time he was able to do a great deal of damage until he got to the wrong one. Because a banker with a lot of money got from this “doctor” the offer to open a children’s hospice and needed money for it. The banker gave him 10,000 euros as a donation and waited. When after some time nothing happened and the “doctor” kept comforting him, the banker went to the police, what do you think how quickly they looked up what was going on. Then you realized that this was a fraudster who had never been to university, let alone had A-levels. Then he was charged with fraud, but the dead fell under the table. That wouldn’t matter that much, the prosecutor said. But the banker’s 10,000 euros, they were important. When it comes to money, the state is quick to do it, but human lives are rather unimportant.

So dear psychologist, as long as you don’t harm a rich person, you can also kill people, don’t care.But as soon as a rich family is taken for their money, you never get out of prison again.

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