Are homeopathic remedies also good for animals?

Yes of course!The whole concept is concocted, something to do with it. You don’t have to worry about science, for example, they don’t understand it. If you want them to be good for animals then they are good for animals.

Only beware that you do not accidentally kill an animal as parents have accidentally killed a child.They did not want doctors to interfere with their ways of healing. The whole world was amazed when it turned out that homeopathy did nothing.

The functioning of homeopathy has never been demonstrated.And it has been tried well enough so let’s stop that crap.

In any case, there is only one medical flow that yields proven results, and that is the medicine science.There are really natural medicines that work-but let the idea sail that there are undervalued wise ones in our ancestors or other cultures in this area.

I have had discussions in the family circle about traditional medicine.There are best family members who have experienced an improvement in their health at the same time as their Chinese therapy, but to get a causal relationship there is very lean thinking.

If we look bigger then there is a reason why Chinese of origin were pieces smaller than we and were less old: they had less good cures at their disposal.

Medical science is not perfect, but it is developing in any case and at a high rate with ever better results.So also for your animals: just go to a normal vet and do not walk around with the health of your animal. After all, it has no blame for the troubled Miss conceptions that people may suffer.

Homeopathic remedies are especially good for the seller.It has been known for years that homeopathy does not work, and falls under the quack. That homeopaths have never been sued for scams is still a great source of irritation to me.


How much we like to see our animals as humans. That’s not it!!What can help us can be true toxic to your animal.

Humans and animals break down substances in very different tempo芒 鈧劉 s. So it is very important that you do not treat your dog or cat as a small mensje with people-medicines.This is a very fast life hazard.

Sometimes we use the same ingredients.That is not to say that medicines for humans can also be applied to animals! The effect of medications can vary enormously per species. So never go to experiment to save costs, that’s very dangerous!

Take something like paracetamol, that people still advise as once.However, paracetamol is very dangerous in animals. Especially in cats, even a very low dose is fatal. And also in dogs you reach a toxic dose much sooner than you reach a working dose. So don’t go and ask a vet for advice!

I do not believe that Homeopation has any physical effects other than a placebo effect.This could also be the case with animals if the animal in question also has the conviction that an effective medicine is being administered. Perhaps the loving attention of his or her special man who is serving it is working.

Homeopathy, aurahealing, kristallen芒 鈧?娄 All do absolutely nothing, just as in humans they are harmless and at the same time z脙 漏 脙 漏 R harmful because you do not heal if you really need medications.Fyto works well for both humans and animals. They are often confused but homeopation is a bit the inverse of fyto, one takes an active herb or plant, diluted it until nothing remains and then uses it against the opposite of what the plant does. For example, liquorice increases blood pressure, you could drink liquorice tea for low blood pressure as phytotherapy, homeopathy diluts The liquorice extract 10,000 times and then prescribes it as a medicine against high blood pressure. Larie so.

I use in addition to the usual medications that my dog for his epilepsy gets even CBD oil.I don’t really know if that is homeopatic.
I did this with the vet and several doctors saw no objection.

Is the difference noticeable?Luckily though. But it is not a miracle cure. He still has epilepsy, he is still old, he still has age ailments. But I do notice that they are more bearable.

Maybe I fool myself, and we are talking about a placebo for the caregiver.If I think the dog is feeling better, I feel better.

Scientifically not demonstrated.My experience is good. It’s not bad for him. In any case, I buy some peace of mind with it.

Sorry, I didn’t understand it with homeopathic means.

I would not take it, and certainly not to my faithful four-legged friend.

In fact, there is not enough evidence that the work, you will not be sick of it, but you will not heal it either.

That gestunt with animals is really pathetic.How many cats have already died because they had vegetarian owners…

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