Are electric cars really environmentally friendly? Do I do something good about the environment when I jump from a normal to an electrically powered car?

Electric cars are less environmentally friendly than they often think.

There are no exhaust gases emitted on the spot, but conventional friction brakes — to the extent that they are used — and tyres still produce a fair amount of fine dust, which is often quite high due to the high weight of Electric cars.It is certainly less fine than a petrol or diesel engine, but it is also not a negligible factor.

In addition, the energy is as clean as the way it is generated.If the electricity was generated by a nuclear power plant, there is no problem, but if it was generated by a coal power plant it also solves little. The big advantage of electricity is that virtually any kind of energy can be converted into electricity, So electric cars make driving on clean energy at least possible.

Then there is the production of the battery, which still has a certain environmental impact.Fortunately, these batteries last very long.

In general, electric cars are certainly a step in the right direction, but it is not enough: at the same time we need to switch to ‘ clean ‘ energy as much as possible and to use autonomous and therefore smoother driving, which is the local production of Reduces particulate matter due to brake and tyre wear.

Perhaps it is also useful to look at the results of a study of the EEA.

The report confirms that the greenhouse gas emissions of electric vehicles, with the current EU energy mix and over the entire vehicle life cycle, are about 17-30% lower than the emissions of petrol and diesel cars.

So in summary there is 17 to 30% less harmful emissions over the entire life cycle of a car and that based on the current energy supply.

EEA report confirms: Electric cars are better for climate and air quality

In my opinion, the electric car asks for a change in the way we look at cars.A car will only be environmentally friendly if you drive it for a long time, and that is now. But can we do it too?

So little is wearing these cars that they easily get 7 tons and more on the counter.And according to users, he still rides like new.. So if you drive 15000 km a year you will continue for 46.67 years.

But say honestly; Who goes in a car of 46 years old driving around.You buy him this year, so then the year is 2065.

Or do half.Or half of it, you’ll drive 45000 km a year, you can ride around 11.5 years in the same car. And the joke is; Then IE can last for 5 years.

Look at our behaviour, most of them do not have a 3 year full status.And neighbors. And Prestige. Another grill, another type of taillight has been the strategy for years to make us buy a new model.

Well.This requires upgrade kits (technology and design, batteries), exterior (other form) and a new fresh interior. And it asks for parts, not to possess.

Otherwise, the electric car becomes an equally large and perhaps much larger curse for the environment than the fuel car.

We are doing it for the environment, right?

Electric cars do not produce exhaust gases and that is good cause for local air quality, but not necessarily for the planet as a whole.This depends on the way the electricity is generated. Is that from solar energy, wind energy or hydroelectric sources then there is also no emissions and the environmental effects are not so great, but often the stream is generated by burning fossil fuels-here in North Carolina especially coal-and because there Using a carnotprocess, it is best to be able to exempt more CO2 per balance.

If, emphatically: if the electrical energy is environmentally friendly (highly manageable) it would be excited though.But this energy generation for all motorists is a utopian moment.

No car but walking, bike or public transport is better.And by public transport The question is: Is this trip really necessary?

Electric cars do not emit exhaust gases, so the air in our cities remains cleaner.As a result, the electricity plants have to produce more electricity if they run on coal, the pollution increases net.

Not at all.Not yet, at least.
If you buy one, you will be the one who will happily pay for the removal of the teething by an army of engineers.
Wait until the introductory phase is over. What automakers do now is to familiarize no more than the future buyers with the concept.Individuals (in marketing terms ‘ early adopters ‘) are willing to spend too much money to be the first to do so. It is always wise not to buy new products immediately at the launch and follow the crowd.
In 1983, a CD player also cost €1500.

Electric cars is basically a hole digging and ullen with another hole.Strangely right? Unless the electrical supply of a Gebiet 100% from wind, solar, geothermal, or hydropower [waterfall or tide it is always the same. Difference the city gets less smog but the electric power plant produces the same quantities smog.

In Daily language.Electricity is produced by a machine that uses the same machine technology as a car engine. The efficiency for such machines that produce electricity is optimal only 20%-the rest is burned as hot and if it is not used for heating or to produce hot water, it is very easy to get in the air. The smog that is produced remains more or less equal and is directly correlated with the quantity of fuel. Therefore, cut the hole and fill it with another hole.

A hybrid car is more efficient as the energy is improved by approximately 100%.A hybrid car can reach 25km per L while a normal car max. 12km/L. In the city, a hybrid more often on electricity than on its petrol engine, therefore more efficient and less smog in the city. I drive a hybrid.

An electric car gets its energy from the town of Zentrale which produces it in a remote location.The efficiency V/d electric motor is 20 – 25% and this is reduced by 5% for the transport and storage in a battery. Maw rel. Requires more fuel than a normal gasoline car. Besides that we have the problem V/d battery-even if every other it has a life span.

The best method for future electricity production with solar, wind, hydropower or geothermal.Also consider the use of organic material to produce and gas [swamp gas and which to use as fuel. Coal, lignite, peat, gasoline or natural gas all produce smog and so far in turnover is not very efficient.

Therefore it is very difficult for the government to plan how they should reduce the smog and climate change avoided.All the technology of alcohol IPV. Gasoline or diesel instead of of gasoline are solutions to replace the transport energy of gasoline with something else and not to reduce the smog.

On the Gebiet V/d replacement product for gasoline The Brazilian technique alcohol from Zuiker Reed is the best.The balance is positive. The production of alcohol from maize is negative and can only still exist through subsidies. Hydrogen [water as fuel are only sensation ideas. The production of hydrogen can only be produced via electrolysis of water in mass. It requires electricity. For comparison the production of aluminium is done with electrolysis-and everyone knows how expensive it is, unless one can get unlimited cost free energy from nature like hydropower. Hydrogen is very combustible and is also called “Oxyhydrogen”. During my doctor’s work I was connected to a microbiology lab di Hydrogenomonas grows. During my studies, the lab has been exploded several times [in a safe place and do not forget the Graf Zeppelin and the NY incident. Graf Zeppelin was filled with Hydrogen.

The city of San Francisco has projects to reduce the smog in the city.They have electric trains, trolley buses. They have buses that run on diesel, natural gas and gasoline and their hybrids. They have tranpost resources that drive on waste kitchen oil. Alkohol is used to reduce the smog. In the inner city they sponsor bicycles, Betjas [of Indonesia and multi persons Bicycles autos. [A transport medium for 4 or more but everyone needs to kick. Horse coaches are in vogue again. What the result is is not yet clear.

‘, ‘ Good question.How is the electricity used by such a car generated? How much CO2 is produced to bring the fuel to the power plant for electricity generation >

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