Are children obliged to help in the household?

The word ‘ compulsory ‘ makes it little attractive.But if you want to prepare your child for an independent existence, it is useful if they have learned something about conducting a household. It seems to me to be part of education. And call it ‘ learning ‘.

Not compulsory, but at our home we have brought the children that we have to save it together, so everyone contributes something and if not succeed then we are talking about it.One of our children was a lot of sports, but had tasks that he could well plan at times when it came to him well. The laundry is at a fixed time at the washing machine and otherwise you were unlucky. If the laundry was finished and your favourite garment was not there, you can wait a week.

It depends on many factors.

If there is so much work to be had that the parents cannot easily finish it seems to me no more than logical than children, within their abilities, to lend a hand.

On the other hand, being raised in a tropical country where the middle class had servants, this was never necessary for me.

With two children, this was also almost never needed in our family.

But when my mother grew up in between the two world wars, with a total of 10 children in the family, Grandpa went bankrupt during the Great Depression, the children had to help a lot, if only the smaller children helped take care of it.

It is neat that children can also do their part.Parents would not have to do all the work alone. The least thing a child can do is clean up his own mess.
From the other side.Children are not free in-house help.

For a parent, it is more important that they prepare the children well on adult life.And in adult life they also have to do the household themselves. For children it is important to know that you can also say no. Just not all the time. You live from your parents, you can do a bit of it back.

Love each other.

It has already been said by others that it is also good for the children themselves to take responsibility, actively participate and actively contribute.What is also important: It also teaches children self-confidence! You don’t have to give them a pat every time, as long as you positively transmit that their contribution is important and appreciated. This also stimulates their sense of self-esteem.


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