Are a Mac or PC better suited for programming?

I went to study with my Amiga in 1999.At that time Commodore was only 5 years broke, but the computer still worked.
For my studies I bought an ultra-modern Pentium II computer.I installed Windows 98 on it. But the Amiga was more handy, so the P2 was more for playing.
I sometimes installed Windows several times a week.After a year, I had my muzzle full of Windows. So I installed Linux. The Amiga was taken out of service in 2003 because the hard drive broke and I had to finish my project now. The project ran on Amiga and Linux, so I continued on Linux
The system has been running smoothly for almost 10 years and would probably still be if the hard drive had not broken.

Windows 10 is now usable, but if you want to study computer science, I recommend you to deal with Linux.And I recommend you to deal with rsync…. if hard drives break. 😉

I also have two Macs.As a computer scientist, I can often work with the Mac in a similar way to Linux. But if I just want to try something quickly, I searched for a detailed manual and 10 short instructions after 5 minutes on Linux and partly for weeks on Mac.

There is an exotic library that solves your problem?super. And there’s a script that you use to compile that? super. The tool does not exist on Windows… then I just quickly build a Visual Studio project, guess the required environment variables and spend a few hours working out error messages. On MacOS, there is a package manager who can install this. Unfortunately, it is not installed on MacOS. So I install the package manager to tell him that I need the library. The package manager automatically disases all dependencies and downloads and compiles hundreds of megabytes of source code. Ideally, the box is now busy for three hours. In the worst case, after three hours, she shows an error message that I can’t do anything with. On Linux, the included script works, but what should I worry about, I just tell the package manager to install the binary package and I’m done.

As a computer scientist, you also like to break your system.Or installs a VM. I have a development system running on Windows after a few hours, if I have an installation medium with current ServicePack and patches and always confirm that I want to install something and modify the system. After a few dozen programs and a few hundred updates, I’m ready to go. MacOS is better. system, the Mac does it alone. In case of my MacBook Air via Wi-Fi. On that day you have free time. After that, you can have the apps installed from the Appstore. Anything that goes through the package manager can then run overnight.
I create a Linux installation completely in15-20 minutes.Development environment, database, web service, compiler, Office suite and everything up-to-date. Half the time is spent on the downloads, otherwise it would be even faster, but my INet is too slow.

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